UC Browser Old Version Download (All Versions) 2024

UC Browser is now popular in the world but some people like to using UC Browser Old Version, are you sure to Download UC Browser Old Version?

UC Browser Old Version
UC Browser Old Version

UC Browser is a good platform to browse any content anywhere this is free because it provides good facilities and deserves a long time.

Now some people like to use the old version of UC Browser, maybe people like to use old facilities.

As you can see in the post to all UC Browser Old Versions is given.

Why Choose UC Browser Old Versions?

UC Browser’s latest version is well but people like to use UC Browser older version, maybe people do not like the latest features in the latest version, but they like to use old version because there inside many good quality features available.

Mostly thousands of reasons are available why people use UC Browser Old Version, and UC Mini for devices.

Name – UC BROWSERReasons – Choose
Best + Free100M + Downloads
Fast Speed DownloadUnique Features
Rated 4.3 StarUser Friendly
No ErrorsGood Support

Reasons Why Popular UC Browser Old Version

The UC Browser Old Version strikes the perfect balance between functionality and ease of use, making it a go-to choice for countless users across the globe.

Here are we discuss one by one most reasons why all like to use an Old Version UC Browser.

Easy to Use – It is an easy-to-use and lightweight app that combines security and reliability with its many features and is also fast to run.

Free (Zero Charge) – In the UC Browser Latest Version, some features may be paid but the older version is free they provide high-quality features absolutely free, and these types of facilities are not available for any UC Browser Alternative Browsers.

UI Good – The old UC Browser interface or UI is very good and easy to use on any device, that works on low-variant devices with using some data.

Old Unique Features – Mostly new latest updated UC browser or not adding old features because he is older but people like to use old familiar features.

Permanence/Fixture – The old UC Browser Version has not provided any bugs or issues on their side, it is working well with smoothness! now people like to use these old versions.

Good Support – Its old version is supported well in this you can use multiple languages localization with support staff online who help you to resolve any issue and any problem.

That’s it but no end! UC browser is day by day adding something special feature on their tools daily and provides very well communication with people.

Definitely, you can use an old version! note if you use any old version then you have to the privacy policy and security risk on your devices and your data.

So you can make sure to use the latest version UC Browser that is safe for your data.

UC Browser Old Version Download

UC Browser old versions are available on the page there are all browser list links available one by one, and you can choose the versions for your devices it’s working on any low variant device and Android.

UC browser is a different Browser in their position and is the number one browser on the world platform browser list.

So you can download here latest and old versions of the UC Browser you can check the list here.

VersionFile SizeUpdated DateDownload Link MBMay 27, 2022Get MBApril 13, 2023Get MBApril 11, 2021Get MBApril 1, 2020Get MBJanuary 15, 2020Get MBSeptember 29, 2019Get MBJanuary 23, 2019Get MBSeptember 25, 2017Get MBAugust 23, 2017Get MBNovember 23, 2016Get MBNovember 8, 2016Get MBSeptember 18, 2016Get MBAugust 18, 2016Get MBJuly 13, 2016Get MBJune 8, 2016Get
10.9.515.3 MBMay 31, 2016Get
10.8.815.8 MBApril 10, 2016Get MBMarch 14, 2016Get MBJanuary 21, 2016Get
10.7.516.4 MBJanuary 8, 2016Get MBNovember 15, 2015Get
10.6.216 MBSeptember 8, 2015Get MBAugust 2, 2015Get MBJuly 6, 2015Get MBJune 25, 2015Get MBJune 6, 2015Get MBApril 13, 2015Get MBMarch 28, 2015Get MBFebruary 14, 2015Get MBJanuary 25, 2015Get MBDecember 22, 2014Get
10.0.013 MBNovember 29, 2014Get
10.0.013 MBNovember 22, 2014Get

In the list Click on the Get button easily UC Browser Old Version Download All Versions List 2024.

Pros & Cons: UC Browser OLD APK

UC Browser is good but opinion is very important how is going and is safe many reasons are available for any app so we can discuss Pros and cons.


  • Available (Android iOS and PC) for all devices
  • Familiar and intuitive good smooth interface
  • Lightweight – fast, even works on older and low-variant devices
  • Reliability and stability performance on Boom
  • Multiple language support and Super Fast Downloading Speed


  • Most are (Old Version) Security Risks
  • Not Providing new updates from developers
  • Limited Customer support
  • Most are not available new features
  • In Old UC Browser APK some errors and issues


UC Browser Old Version is safe to use?

Yes, but some people face error and security risks on devices mostly UC Browser Old Version is Safe.

UC Browser Old Version Download?

You can easily download the old & latest both versions of the UC Browser App from Ucbrowser.in Website.

Old UC Browser APK is Free to use?

Yes, at present time the Old UC Browser APK is absolutely Free to use, and may to be always free available on the web.

How do I update the UC Browser Old Version?

UC Browser Updating way not available but you can upgrade to the latest UC Browser, and UC Browser Old Version is a specific version of the app that is no longer actively updated by the developers.

Can I install the UC Browser Old Version on any devices?

Yes, the UC Browser Old Version is compatible with a wide range of devices, both old and new.

UC Browser Old Version Availability?

Old UC Browser Version is available on every device like – Android, iOS, and PC (Windows or MAC) for free.


UC Browser old APK is good for using the oldest features and is popularity of UC Browser reminds us of that sometimes.

That is important for using before UC Browser old APK version you should check the app errors, security and privacy – policy important for our device.

All this discussion we my opinion is you can use Latest Version UC Browser then choice is your you should be choose UC Browser Old Version or new.

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